Meet the chefs (and barista) behind our cafés

Meet the chefs (and barista) behind our cafés

You may not know about this, but as well as the Switch roastery, we run three cafés in Christchurch.

Industrie, Black Betty and Bunsen are all pretty cool spaces to hang out, grab a bite and of course they serve excellent Switch Espresso. But the main asset behind these hangouts is the people that make the magic happen. Meet Andy, Liz and Kaece.


Head Chef at Black Betty Café

Andy likes taking the simple things and twisting them a little bit for a delicious surprise. Think beef brisket rubbed down with Switch coffee, or panna cotta flavoured with tea from our Hoity Toi-Tea range. He’s also passionate about using local suppliers, like veggies from Cultivate Christchurch and beef from Peter Timbs Meats – working with our own community and getting the freshest products. Keep an eye out for Andy’s new seasonal menu at the café.


Head Chef at Bunsen

Liz is one of the coolest people in the Switch family. She’s the head chef at Bunsen and in her spare time she does art and tattoos. You can probably see from her photo she’s into black & white tats and doesn’t go in for colour – they go perfectly with the monochromatic Bunsen and Switch T-shirts. She’s a vegetarian and loves to develop new veggie and vegan dishes, especially the raw and vegan slices. Liz has a short black Dark Horse every day (though she’s also partial to a coconut mocha).


Barista at Industrie Espresso Bar

Industrie does have some bites of food, but as an espresso bar it’s more famous for its excellent coffee. Kaece’s been with us for coming up two years and has a long and illustrious career in hospo including time in London as head barista and trainer at Peter Gordon’s restaurant The Providores. A woman of many talents, Kaece is also a trained nutritionist/personal trainer/real estate agent. She can’t go past a good long black, and her go-to brew is The Rev.