Getting your local to switch to Switch

Getting your local to switch to Switch

We’ve heard your stories. New job, new neighbourhood and your new local café doesn’t use our beans. Aargh! How can you get them to make the switch to Switch?

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  • We can help you get your local café to make the switch to Switch
  • We supply new machines, train the staff and can even craft a signature blend
  • We deliver our beans to cafés in reusable buckets.
  • We specialise in organic and thoughtfully sourced coffee beans

Nagging’s good. So is starting a petition. The truth is, cafés are terrified of changing their coffee supplier in case their regular customers object. They know how important expectation is – if your morning cup of java suddenly tastes different, it means one of the constants of your universe has shifted. It may well be for the better but that’s not the point.We don’t under-estimate how big a deal it is for a café to change coffee supplier. That is why we put so much effort into bringing a new café into the Switch fold. New machines, staff training – if the café wants it we can even craft a signature blend for them, like Black Betty’s BB-IV.

In our training room, we put all the baristas at all the cafés that stock Switch through our programme. That gives us the confidence of knowing that if it’s our logo outside your local café, you’re in for a good coffee.

We also use the training room as our tasting room for cupping and quality control. Every week, we taste-test our blends to make sure the flavour is consistent, and discuss if anything needs to be tweaked in our quest to achieve coffee perfection. This can involve cupping (tasting steeped and cooled coffee and water) as well as making espresso shots and milky coffee to test out our coffees in every scenario they might be used.

Another line of argument you can use is sustainability. Ask the café how its coffee is delivered. We deliver our beans in reusable buckets. If a café is too far out of town for hand delivery, we’ll send our beans in resealable bags that we regularly collect and reuse.

We find that one of the most important things to our partners is the care we put into sourcing our coffee. We go out of our way to make sure our coffee is ethically grown and dried, and that the farmers who produce it get a fair price – usually through membership of a growing collective. We specialise in organic and thoughtfully sourced coffee beans.

Finally, getting the barista on side helps – it’s often their vote that swings the café owner behind making the switch. Repeatedly raving to them about how good the Switch coffee is at home will help. Maybe bring in a Thermos so they can have a taste. Holding one of their loved ones hostage is not something we would condone.