Cafflano Krinder
Cafflano Krinder
Cafflano Krinder

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Cafflano Krinder

Sale price$139.00
Pickup available at Birmingham Drive Usually ready in 2 hours

Cafflano Krinder

Birmingham Drive

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

25 Birmingham Drive
Christchurch 8024
New Zealand


Pickup hours are between 8am and 12pm, Mon-Fri.

Cafflano Krinder is the world's lightest precision metal-burr coffee grinder. 

Krinder is the latest product from the Budapest coffee brand Cafflano. Krinder was able to combine 3 important factors when creating their grinder: an affordable price, high grinding quality (which is close to the quality of Commandante grinders) and at the same time a compact design which makes it perfect for taking on trips. 

Conical shaped grinding burrs are made of hardened steel, so they retain their sharpness for a long time. Adjusting the coarseness setting could not be simpler due to its cleverly designed dial. The dial can be rotated to either direction to adjust the coarseness, which means that this grinder can be used to grind coffee for any method of brewing: from espresso to frenchpress, from the cezve to a cold brew.

The grinder is ergonomically designed and fits nicely in the hand. Although it contains a solid steel grinding system, it is smaller in size, and the removable handle makes it even more compact. It is the lightest grinder with a steel grinding system on the market, it weighs only 295 g. Nevertheless, you can easily prepare coffee for two with it - it has a grinding capacity of up to 30 g, making it the ideal travel partner.


  • Portable hand grinder
  • Italian conical steel burrs
  • Elegant design
  • Easy adjusting Wheel
  • 30gr capacity

Why choose Cafflano Krinder?

  • Effortless Grinding : Its compact size and ergonomic design make it easier to grind any type of beans. Inner circular design of Jar makes all grounds out with no residuals.
  • Espresso to Pour-over : A maintenance-free slide-bearing system implemented to secure the grind consistency of the center shaft riding on the housing in all ranges.
  • Italian Metal-burr Set : The precision-cut hardened & tempered steel burrs have sharp edge-holding capabilities (edge retention); thus, beans are cut not crushed.
  • Intuitive and Easy Grind Setting : Easy-to-track numbered Adjusting Wheel. Simply rotate clockwise (finer) or counterclockwise (coarser) to change grind size, with or without the Handle.
  • World's Lightest Metal-Burr Grinder : only 295g
  • The Maximum Portability : The Handle is attached and dismantled easily (Knob lock & Crank hook).⠀
  • Affordable and Cost-effective Price

For more information - see Cafflano website