The story of Switch Colombia Tolima single origin coffee

The story of Switch Colombia Tolima single origin coffee

Happy farmers, happy world. The people who grow our fine single origin coffee get a good deal, because everyone deserves to be treated fairly – especially when creating luxury consumables for foreign countries.

You’ve probably heard stories about farmers in Colombia who have never tasted the excellent export coffee they grow. We’ve heard those stories too, and think the kind of exploitation that leaves farmers in that level of poverty is revolting. That’s why we source our Colombian beans ethically, from the farmers, not from a multinational cost-cutter.

The farmers of the ASOPEP cooperative make sure they get a fair wage, because they’re the ones selling the beans and setting the price. They’re based in the small rural town of Planadas, in the mountainous region of Tolima, to the south of Bogotá (the Colombian capital, of Narcos fame). This area has historically had trouble with guerrilla fighters, and economic stability based on legitimate businesses has brought stability to the region.

ASOPEP is committed to minimising the environmental impact of coffee production, growing organic coffee. The cooperative is also committed to quality, and believes an important part of that is making sure the farmers know about coffee. It runs weekly cupping sessions – professional coffee tasting – for the farmers and their families.

Our Colombia Tolima single origin coffee is roasted with 100% Castillo Caturra Typica coffee beans grown at an altitude of 1400m to 2150m above sea level. The cooperative handles all processing, quality control, transportation, and commercialisation. The coffee has aromas of ripened berries and roasted hazelnut, medium-bodied with dry citrus acidity and a hint of brown sugar sweetness.

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