Oat milk: The ethical and delicious choice

Oat milk: The ethical and delicious choice

We’re pretty amped to be using All Good Oat Milk at all three of our Cafés, and we’re also the Christchurch distributor, providing quality oat milk to cafés restaurants and shops.

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Whether cow’s milk isn’t friendly to your stomach, your diet calls for a dairy alternative, or you’re concerned about the planet and animal welfare, All Good Oat Milk is the best non-dairy milk we’ve come across in our hunt for coffee-friendly products. It’s designed to fluff up to a super-silky microfoam perfect for flat whites.

The days of flavourless, overly nutty, grainy or sweet plant-based milks are behind us. We’re in the 2020s now and even dyed-in-the-wool dairy die-hards would be impressed with the flavours on offer. Frankly, oat milk tastes… milky.

Oat milk is overall better for the environment than dairy, soy and almond farming, using less water, less land, and causing less greenhouse gas emissions than alternatives. On top of that, All Good offsets its environmental impact by planting trees and supporting the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project in Southland.

Oat milk contains a balanced amount of dietary fibre, carbohydrates and protein, and All Good Oat Milk contains less saturated fat than dairy milk and no added sugar at all. It also contains calcium and vitamins.

To run through a quick checklist of the good things about All Good Oat Milk: it’s New Zealand-owned (just like us), dairy free, GMO free, soy free, unsweetened, environmentally friendly and loaded up with healthy fibre. And it’s great in coffee.

So if you’re after a good, clean, coffee-friendly milk alternative for your café, hit us up!