Hot coffee on the cold continent

Hot coffee on the cold continent

Switch Espresso has a longstanding relationship with Antarctica New Zealand. If you’re spending time at Scott Base you’ll be happy to know you can get your hands on a quality hot cuppa.

The folks at Antarctica New Zealand got in touch with Hamish here at Switch back in September 2008, wanting a good local brew that was ethically sourced and organic. We were happy to help out, and are proud to have been supplying Scott Base down in Antarctica and the Christchurch offices ever since.

Antarctica New Zealand is the government agency responsible for our country’s activities in Antarctica, running Scott Base and supporting scientific research as well as environmental studies and the protection of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Switch Espresso trains the Scott Base crew on how to barista up top-notch coffees and how to maintain the machines so there aren’t any coffee emergencies when they’re nearly 4,000km away from the nearest Switch technician.

Speaking of espresso machines, we’re dropping off a new one to the Antarctica New Zealand team in Christchurch next week so they can take it down with the next shipment of goods. It’s a good feeling to have a bit of Switch Espresso in Antarctica!