Ethical supply chain

Ethical supply chain

Ethical coffee is important to all of us here at Switch, and we think knowing exactly where our coffee comes from makes for an even better-tasting brew.

Last week was International Coffee Day, and that got us thinking about our global supply chain, and why it’s so important to us to work with the good guys of international coffee. It’s important to walk the talk with ethical coffee. Everything we roast here at Switch is organic and ethically sourced. We carefully select our growing partners based on who does the growing and how they do it. We know exactly where all our beans come from, and that’s good for three main things.

Firstly, our coffee is ethically produced from farms or farming collectives, where the dosh goes to the people actually involved in the growing, rather than a faceless corporation. We like to know that nobody gets exploited and farmers get a fair price for their hard work.

This approach is also good for the environment. We’re not into sourcing our beans from massive farming operations that use tons of synthetic chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Our organic growing partners around the world care about the environment as much as we do, and that’s why we love them. They’re into low-impact farming, harvesting and drying methods, and low waste.

And finally, supporting the little guys means better-tasting coffee. Instead of putting money into a large-scale production with efficiency and cost-effectiveness prioritised way above taste, we support people who care about the process coffee goes through before it gets to your cup.

Being responsible isn’t boring. By drinking coffee made from beans grown by real farmers around the world, you’re supporting your fellow humans and the environment that sustains them. And Switch never compromises on quality or taste – in fact our coffee tastes better thanks to the awesome people who put their love into growing it!