Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, and the source of the latest addition to Switch Espresso’s single origin coffee lineup.

Our new Ethiopian single origin is called Ethiopia Gera – named after the Gera district in the Orimia region of Ethiopia where it is grown. Ethiopia is a tropical country sitting just above the equator in Africa, but the Gera district is in the highlands, where the weather is cooler and wetter. This local climate makes for well-irrigated farms that produce especially flavourful coffee.

The farms we source our beans from are small and semi-forested. This style of farming is good for the local environment and wildlife, and it also provides benefits to the coffee plants. Less intensive farming makes for healthy soil and happy plants.

Ethiopian growers tend to use traditional growing methods, and because Ethiopia is the country the coffee plant comes from, local farms have a wide variety of genetic strains of coffee plant, producing a range of flavour profiles.

Our Switch Espresso Ethiopia Gera coffee is a mixture of local coffee strains and varieties developed by the Jimma Agricultural Research Centre (JARC). It’s a medium-bodied coffee with sweeter flavours of strawberries and port wine.

Buy your own Ethiopia Gera beans or ground coffee in our online store.

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