Order your Switch Espresso roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, tea and gift cards online.

We’re a high-tech outfit, and while we love the simple pleasures of a barista-brewed cup of coffee as much as anyone, we’re also 100% aware we exist in the 2020s. As such, Switch Espresso has a full online store where you can buy any of our coffee beans and have them delivered to your home or place of work.

Let us run you through what’s on offer:

Single origin coffee beans

All of our roasts are available as whole beans, or pre-ground ready for an espresso machine or filter coffee maker. You can also get them in 250g, 500g or 1kg bags.

Colombia Tolima
Grown in a wee mountain town called Planadas, the growers of this coffee are all about minimising environmental impact.

Brazil Fazenda Nova Aliança
Grown on a family farm in rural Brazil, these beans are dried using a combination of traditional patio dryers and modern machinery.

Congo Sopacdi
20% of the farmers in the SOPACDI ethical farming cooperative are women and they actively support women’s groups in the area.

Mexican Chiapas
The San Fernando collective that grows these beans helps its members with healthcare, education and financial services while improving the organic farms over time.

Nicaragua Segovia
These coffee plants grow alongside other food plants and shady trees, and most of the beans are fermented and washed on the farms.

Royal Processed Decaf
Our summer decaf brew comes from Peru, and the winter brew from Honduras. Decaffeinated using a natural, chemical-free method.

Blended coffee beans

Pronounced “be-be-four” – named after the number of attempts it took to get the blend juuust right.

Brighton Up
A nod to Switch Espresso’s origins in the sunrise suburb of New Brighton. Blended with beans from Africa, South & Central America.

The Dark Horse 
The house blend at Bunsen café, and they say she’s a neck and head ahead of the rest.

The Rev 
An engine-warming blend of beans from Ethiopia, Brazil, Uganda and Mexico, and it’s proudly served as the house coffee at Industrie Espresso Bar.

Named after a revolutionary indigenous rights movement in Mexico, this coffee is pretty intense and a bit rebellious.


For a bit of something fancy, check out the range of Switch Hoity Toi-Tea, made using tea leaves and real bits of plants for natural flavour (none of this tea leaves soaked in artificial flavouring stuff).

In terms of flavours, we’ve got:

  • Earl Grey Blueflower
  • English Breakfast
  • Grandpa’s Orchard
  • Green Tea with Lemon
  • Pure Peppermint
  • Rooibos Chamomile
  • Sencha Green Tea

If you’re interested in getting fresh coffee and tea sent straight from the roastery to your door, head to switchespresso.co.nz/shop and fill your cart!

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