So you’re looking for a truly local coffee supplier? If you’re here you’re hopefully considering Switch Espresso as the trusted partner who will bring you coffee beans, train your baristas, maintain your machines and generally help you help your caffeine-fiend customers.

The first thing you need to know is we’re a small crew of caring folks who really want to work with good people and supply excellent coffee. Switch is all about the personal touch. We’ll check in with you regularly and make sure everything is going swell.

If you want to jump right in, contact our wholesale manger Jeremy now. In the meantime, here’s a bit more information about what you can expect as a Switch Espresso wholesale partner:


We’ve got an extensive range of single origin coffees and blends, so talk to us about selecting coffee that suits your taste and the taste of your customers. We can also supply packaged beans for you to sell over the counter, and all the barista accessories you need. As well as coffee, Switch supplies a range of high-quality teas and drinking chocolate.


We wouldn’t dream of just dumping a bunch of beans on your doorstep and leaving you to figure out the rest. We want to make sure your baristas are brewing up top-notch Switch Espresso every time. When we partner with you, we’ll run an education session for your baristas to teach them more of the ins, outs, tips and tricks, as well as the perfect recipe for brewing the Switch roast that you choose to serve. We’ve got our own training room, resources, and Chiara – our NZSCA-certified barista trainer at the roastery. And if you can’t get your team to us then we can come to you.

Machine maintenance

Our espresso machine expert Shane takes care of regular check-ups, cleaning and maintenance for our wholesale partners. He’s also on call for repairs on the rare occasion that something goes really wrong with your coffee machine.

Ethical partner

We find that one of the most important things to our partners is the care we put into sourcing our coffee. We go out of our way to make sure our coffee is ethically grown and dried, and that the farmers who produce it get a fair price – usually through membership of a growing collective. We specialise in organic and thoughtfully sourced coffee beans.

Switch Espresso is also committed to sustainable packaging. That means we’ll deliver your coffee beans in reusable buckets. If you’re too far out of town for hand delivery, we’ll send your beans in resealable bags that we’ll regularly collect and reuse.


In general, we’re here to help. We’re always available to make sure you’re got a steady supply of coffee, and to work out any issues you might have, whenever you might have them.

Get amongst

If all this sounds good to you, give our wholesale manager Jeremy a call. You can get him on 022 555 2229 or [email protected].

Read more about becoming a Switch Espresso wholesale partner.

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