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At Switch Espresso we believe that our team is a family where we all support each other and our clients to succeed and exceed expectations. We have spent over 30 years combined in the industry and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. We pride ourselves on being approachable, open to your goals and ideas and we are extremely enthusiastic about the coffee industry.

Hamish Evans

Hamish Evans

Managing Director

When I left school, all of my friends ended up studying for degrees they never used and I got a job washing dishes. I worked my way up through the hospitality industry until I ended up behind a coffee machine, where I stayed for three years.

It wasn’t until I was about to become a builder that I decided I didn’t want to look back on the coffee industry and say “What if?” So I bought a roaster over the internet and started my own roastery/café in New Brighton.

Besides my twin passions for coffee and the café markets, I am a born risk taker. I love being up the mountain with my snowboard and am an avid golfer but don’t like serious competition!

Jeremy Innes

Jeremy Innes

Wholesale Manager

Jeremy joined the company in 2014, coming with many years’ experience in the coffee retail and wholesale industry. In those years prior to Switch Espresso, he was also the Head Roaster at Toasted Espresso in Auckland before returning to his hometown of Christchurch.

Once back in Christchurch, the chance to join Hamish and the team arose and he has never looked back while moving into the honourable craft of selling beans and building successful relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Outside of Switch, Jeremy enjoys tasting some of New Zealand’s great food and beverage scene, travelling and spending precious time with this wife and two kids at home……and of course tasting and enjoying great coffees from around the world.

Shane Cullimore

Shane Cullimore

Technician/Machinery Service

If it’s not working right, give Shane a call. He’s always happy to come and check out machinery issues and get you and your café up and running again.

In his downtime he’s an avid cyclist, a wild musician and also hosts a punk radio show on RDU.

Chiara Iseppi

Chiara Iseppi

Barista Training/Roastery Assistant

Chiara is from the famous coffee nation of Italy.

Over the last ten years she has covered many roles in the hospitality industry, but creating tasty coffee is what she is passionate about.

Here at Switch Espresso Chiara has the opportunity to pass on her passion for the art of making tasty, beautiful coffee to our valued customers.

Chiara is right into  tennis and volleyball and often spends her free time cooking and of course eating ……yes Pizza, Pasta, Gnocchi and many other Italian foods!

Viva la vita!

Renee Spijkerman

Renee Spijkerman

Retail Manager

Renee has been been in hospitality for over 16 years in almost every role imaginable, from coffee trucks to craft beer bars, organic popsicle shops to 5 star hotels, but she always returns to coffee in the end.

She started out here in Christchurch and has worked in South Africa, London, San Diego, and Amsterdam and is now back home in NZ with Switch Espresso.

Renee is trying to be more sporty and coordinated and is nervously attempting mountain biking, but is far better suited to going to the driving range with her husband, and trying out cafés and restaurants.

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