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Our coffee comes to us from fair trade and organic cooperatives all around the world. We then roast the beans to our own recipe and specifications to bring you a great tasting product suitable for cafés and for use at home.

Switch Espresso Blends

Switch Espresso blends showcase the cross-section of our favourite fair trade & organic coffees. To highlight the nuanced flavours we cherish, each blend offers a distinctive flavour profile.

Our blends are carefully tested cup after cup for adherence to our uncompromising standards. Discover blends that are the truest expression of the coffee roasters craft.

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Single Origin Coffee

Switch Espresso single origin coffees are sourced from some of the most celebrated, family owned farms and smallholder co-ops and estates from around the world.

We seek out these distinct coffees with our partners to showcase the purest expression of unique taste and unrivalled quality.


At Switch Espresso we take decaf seriously. To maintain the unique flavour profile of each batch, our caffeine-free coffees are decaffeinated through a chemical-free Royal Water process. Enjoy delicious non-caffeinated coffee.

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