Switch Espresso is very lucky to have a working relationship with the Nova Aliança farm in Brazil. In the past, you may have even tried our Brazil Fazenda Nova Aliança coffee. Now we’re proud to present the exclusive single origin Brazil Roccaporena.

Roccaporena is a small farm that forms part of the larger Fazenda Nova Aliança operation, and the family have given Switch Espresso exclusive access to the beans that are grown there.

The Nova Aliança farm is near the small Brazilian town of Monte Santo de Minas, a few hours’ drive north of Sao Paolo. The family is right into natural processing – one of the things we really love about them – and the beans are dried by a combination of traditional patio drying and mechanical dryers. Only half of the farm is used to grow coffee, with the rest used for pasture and forests.

It’s been a real privilege to roast the Roccaporena beans, and the roast we’ve created is great example of what you can do with excellent single origin Brazilian beans. It’s a mixture of the yellow catuai and red catuai coffee varieties, and carries flavours of roasted hazelnut, toffee and peanuts.

Buy your own Brazil Roccaporena beans or ground coffee in our online store.

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