Grown in the volcanic soil of Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua, then washed and dried in the Central American sun, this coffee is the expression of the tropical climate it comes from. The well-rounded Nicaragua Segovia single origin coffee hits your nose with a sweet aroma, and your palate with chocolate and citrus tones, and a honeyed, bright medium acidity. It’s sweet and juicy tasting with a slightly smoky aftertaste.

Nicaragua is a medium-sized Central American country – smaller than Mexico but bigger than all its neighbours. It’s famous for its cuisine, poetry, beaches, volcanoes, the second-biggest rainforest in the Americas (after the Amazon) and, of course, coffee.

Like all of our coffee, Nicaragua Segovia comes from a sustainable and ethical source. The beans are grown by an organic cooperative of family farms called Prodecoop. There are over 2300 Prodecoop member families, and 30% of members are women (fun fact: Nicaragua had the first democratically elected woman president in all the Americas, in 1990). The cooperative has a social programme helping members address problems like food security, and supports its members with agricultural training, coffee quality programs, and social development projects.

Like many coffee-producing countries, Nicaragua has suffered its share of economic and political instability, and we believe supporting communities in these areas to be financially independent can only be a good thing.

The coffee plants grow alongside other food plants and shady trees, and most of the beans are fermented and washed on the farms, which adds value for the farmers. The cooperative owns its own mills for processing.

So grab yourself a bag of Nicaragua Segovia, and enjoy your brew of Central American tropical goodness.

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