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Congo Sopacdi

Rich and full bodied. Cedar flavours with fruit acidity and blackcurrant tones. Lingering cocoa aftertaste. «HT»

Espresso/Stovetop Ground
Espresso/Stovetop Ground
 Price Quantity
[#976] 1Kg$36.00each items
[#977] 250g$10.60each items
[#975] 500g$21.00each items
Filter/Plunger Ground
Filter/Plunger Ground
 Price Quantity
[#980] 1Kg$36.00each items
[#978] 250g$10.60each items
[#979] 500g$21.00each items
 Price Quantity
[#983] 1Kg$36.00each items
[#981] 250g$10.60each items
[#982] 500g$21.00each items
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