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Espresso Machines, Vibiemme- Domobar Super - Lever
The commercial E61 group head offers excellent heat characteristics resulting in superb coffee with every pour. The Domobar Super is renowned for its superior boiler capacity enabling a high volume steam required for producing the optimum milk texture.

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Cafe Accessories

Milk Jugs
Milk Jugs
Our stainless steel milk jugs are essential for judging temperature and spouted for decoration.
 Price Quantity
[#1312] 1000ml Spouted Milk Jug$27.30each items
[#1310] 350ml Spouted Milk Jug$17.49each items
[#1311] 600ml Spouted Milk Jug$21.21each items
Dump Boxes
Dump Boxes
To remove used grounds from you handle you need a dump box! Funky colours and easy cleaning.
 Price Quantity
[#1304] Compact Designs - Domestic Dump Box 'Black' (110mm Sml)$59.10each items
[#327] Dump Box- Large$131.18each items
SHOTT Lemon Ginger &
Honey, Chai Latte,
Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel
also promise something very
 Price Quantity
[#1869] Caramel 1Ltr$17.77each items
[#1419] Caramel 750ml$16.57each items
[#1417] Chai Latte 750ml$16.57each items
[#1870] Hazelnut 1Ltr$17.77each items
[#1420] Hazelnut 750ml$16.57each items
[#1873] Vanilla 1Ltr$17.77each items
[#1418] Vanilla 750ml$16.57each items
Xynflon Milk Jugs
Xynflon Milk Jugs
Stainless steel milk steaming jugs with Xynflon non-stick coating.
 Price Quantity
[#1576] Xynflon Coloured Milk Pitcher 1000ml Black$57.99each items
[#1579] Xynflon Coloured Milk Pitcher 1000ml Red$57.99each items
[#1581] Xynflon Coloured Milk Pitcher 350ml Red$36.49each items
[#1577] Xynflon Coloured Milk Pitcher 600ml Black$41.99each items
[#00xr6] Xynflon Coloured Milk Pitcher 600ml Red$41.99each items
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