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Black Betty opened for business in February 2011 and since then has grown to become an integral part of the Christchurch café scene. Black Betty specialises in great coffee served via various brew methods including Coffee Syphon, Aero-press, Pour-over, Cold-drip and of course their famous BBIV blend Espresso. They serve a full breakfast menu which runs every day until 2.30pm & as well as a fully stocked cabinet of freshly made lunch items and sweet treats.

Ph: 03 365 8522
165 Madras Street,
Central Christchurch 8011,
New Zealand
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The original home of Switch Espresso Roastery, Switch New Brighton has grown from being a great takeaway coffee spot for a few in-the-know locals to being the favourite café destination for hundreds of people every day. Over time Switch has expanded taken over two of their neighbouring shops and become a spot for more than just bags of fresh coffee and Gold Medal Zap blend espresso but they now also have a full breakfast menu & a cabinet full of quick snack & lunch items.

Ph: 03 388 9886
Carnaby Lane
78 Brighton Mall,
New Brighton,
Christchurch 8061,
New Zealand.

Industrie is the public face of the Switch Espresso Roastery in Middleton, They serve great espresso (award winning The Rev.), tasty food options & of course they can sell you fresh coffee beans directly from the roastery.

Ph: 03 338 3530 (ext. 2)
4/25 Birmingham Drive,
Christchurch 8024,
New Zealand