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Commercial Grinders, Mazzer Superjolly Grinder
The industry standard. With its stylish looks and robust construction, this flat burr grinder is superb for the 15 + Kg/week café. Its convenient features include a 1.2-Kg hopper, micrometrical (stepless) grind adjustment and a timer switch to shut off th

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At SWITCH espresso we believe that our team is a family where we all support each other and our clients to succeed and exceed expectations. We have spent over 30 years combined in the industry and we are happy to share our knowledge with you. We pride ourselves on being approachable, open to your goals and ideas and we are extremely enthusiastic about the coffee industry.


Hamish Evans, Managing Director

When I left school, all of my friends ended up studying for degrees they never used and I got a job washing dishes. I worked my way up through the hospitality industry until I ended up behind a coffee machine, where I stayed for three years.

It wasn't until I was about to become a builder that I decided I didn’t want to look back on the coffee industry and say: What if? So I bought a roaster over the internet and started my own roastery/café in New Brighton.

Besides my twin passions for coffee and the café markets, I am a born risk taker. I love being up the mountain with my snowboard and am an avid golfer.


Jeremy Innes, Sales Rep

Whether you are starting up a café, purchasing an existing café or just ready to change up the coffee in the café you already own then Jeremy is the man to talk to.

He's been working around the coffee scene for a number of years now and has a wide range of knowledge when it comes to running cafes and making the best of your coffee situation.


Stephen Williams, Head Roaster

Steve began working with coffee around 2003 and straight away discovered that it was an area he’d like to pursue. He worked various jobs at cafes as a barista/head barista and café manager before landing his current role with Switch Espresso in 2009. He is passionate about coffee and it shows in the roasts he produces.

On days away from work (after a coffee) he can usually be found either on the golf course trying to beat his personal records or with a guitar in hand playing some of his old favourites.


Shane Cullimore, Technician/Machinery Service

If it's not working right, give Shane a call. He's always happy to come and check out machinery issues and get you and your café up and running again.

In his downtime he's an avid cyclist, a wild musician and also hosts a punk radio show on RDU.